Intermediates Patterns

Intermediate Doll Patterns


Cloth Doll Sculpting


Patterns full of pictures and drawings with extremely detailed step by step guide on all parts. Many have remarked that they have never seen such a full set of instructions: each is like a small class in doll making.



Create a standing 15” high sprite with a firm, flat bottom base for stability. She has sculpted facial features, graceful wired mitt fingers and simple, elegant layered costuming. Instructions shown by Step by step photography.
Price: $12.00


This magic frog stands 12” high and is ready to brighten your day with a funny smile and a jaunty stance.
Pattern includes detailed instructions and pictures to create your own personal frog.

Price: $8.00


Monsieur COSTUME Only

monsieur (5)
Dressed in his best suit, Monsieur Froggie bears gifts of flowers, candy and sings sweet songs of love. Suave charm and grace, he is 12 inches tall and balances on his own. Directions in this project are for clothing only. They have been created to fit the “Froggie” design. This is an all levels pattern.
Price: $8.00


fairy good
These dolls are what has been called “Karen’s Fairies” for many years and were my best seller at the shows and now available in pattern. You will learn a new and simple method for making a face, wings and bendable legs while adding dimension at the same time. These pose-able fairies are very fun to do and offer something for every level of doll maker. Fun to make and great gifts for friends and relatives. All directions and pattern pieces are included. Makes a 10″ fairy
Price: $10.50



A cute sculpted felt 15″ doll with a wire armature and some fun clothing and great hands and toes. Pattern contains directions to make a 15 inch felt chimp with a fully wired armature. Pattern and instructions for clothing are included.
Price: $12.00


Pawsha is a 19 “, fully jointed and pose-able Bengal Tiger. Included are detailed directions to create his wonderful face, his flexible body and his regal clothes.
Price: $12.00


Gentleman Gerome

Templates and instructions for an 8″ freestanding doll. Optional beard directions included
Price: $8.00


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