Pincushion Patterns

Pincushion Patterns


Cloth Doll Sculpting


Patterns full of pictures and drawings with extremely detailed step by step guide on all parts. Many have remarked that they have never seen such a full set of instructions: each is like a small class in doll making.



Helps to collect your pins and needles plus keep a close eye on them for you. He stands 6 inches tall and is made from Wool blend felt and chenille stems for feet.
Price: $8.00


Bouffon Cover_small1
Funny little Jester stands 8 inch tall from the tip of his hat to the bottom of his round little body. His weighted roly-poly body is easy to make and fun to adorn with lots of baubles and bangles. Complete instructions are included for needle sculpting the head, creating his 3 pointed hat and jointing his arms for pose ability. Plus lots of suggestions for embellishment are included.
Price: $8.00


Tea Party Pincushions

Tea Party Final_small
Grouping from The Mad Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. The Door Mouse sits in a tea pot surveying his surroundings and is and easy beginning project for this series. In making Alice you will advance to sewing irregular shapes together and “needle felting” her hair into place. The Mad Hatter will teach you a new and simple method to making a torso and legs while adding dimension at the same time. Each of these pincushions are very fun to do and offer something for every level of sewer. Fun to make and great gifts for friends and relatives. All directions and pattern pieces are included. 5″-7″
Price: $12.00

Wonderland Pincushions

Cute little 5″ tall pincushions that are made of sculpted felt. Weight balanced to stay upright. Learn how to sculpt a face and work on simple hands. Quite a bit of fun. Wonderland has three patterns included and a open-able watch charm.
Price: $12.00


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